How We Roll...

Easy Payments
Whether paying monthly or annually, choose the plan that suits you. Monthly payments? We got you covered, direct debits will be taken on initial sign up and then on the 7th of each month after! That’s 12 months of bin magic, with a little break over Christmas.
Bin Bliss Routine
Bins get the spa treatment every 4 week or 8 Weeks, 12 times a year. We take a festive break for 4 weeks during Christmas, so even bins get a holiday!
Accessibility Vibes
Make sure your bin(s) is ready to party from 7 am to 7 pm on the collection day. If the bin men are running late? No worries, we’ll boogie back when the bins are emptied.
Oops, I Forgot!
Forgot to roll out your bin? Shoot us an email, and we’ll try to catch you on next available day. Unfortunately, if we can’t make it work, that clean might have to catch the next beat. 🕺🗑️ #BinBlues
Holiday Mode
If your taking a vacay, give us a heads-up by 5 pm the day before. We’ll ensure put your bin clean on hold so you dont miss a clean.
Oops, My Bad Bins
If we stumble upon loose doggy presents or wet paint, we can’t work our magic. Don’t worry, though – we’ll send you a friendly heads-up if we notice anything amiss! 🚫🐾🎨 #BinCare
Just a Little Commitment
Join our regular bin-cleaning routine, and enjoy a minimum commitment of 6 cleans before contemplating a break. Need a one-time clean? No strings attached – cancel by 5 pm the day before! 🗓️🗑️ #BinCareCommitment
Moving and Grooving
Moving houses? Let us know, and we’ll check if we’re in the neighborhood. Leaving us? Just a heads-up, so we don’t send bin love to the wrong place!
Bye-Bye Cancellation
Cancelling your payment? Cool, but don’t forget to let us know if you’re moving on or need a break. Explore your options online or give us a shout – we’re here to help with a friendly smile! 😊✨